Monday, January 14, 2013

A True Test

Hey Readers!  It seems I've started a Healthy Life Revolution.  For those of you that don't follow me on Facebook, I've started a Facebook group for those of us looking for some inspiration/support in their healthy life style.  If you are interested, please leave a message on this blog entry, and I'll add you.  It's a great community of people who are really focused on making positive changes in their lives, and we all are very supportive and encouraging... No judgement allowed.  So, please join us.  We'd love to have you.  The more, the merrier.

I'm just getting back from Niagara Falls, Canada, and I had a wonderful time.  I was even able to get in some really good workouts while I was away.  The hotel fitness center was amazing, and I had my best run to date.  4.4 miles in 60 minutes.  My friend and I also walked over three miles on Saturday and Sunday.  So, I walked/ran over 10 miles in a two day period.  Plus, add the elliptical I did this morning before we left.  I'd say I had great workouts during a weekend getaway.

Before I left on Saturday, I did my regular routine.  Saturday is weigh in day, and I rolled out of bed feeling pretty optimistic.  I had an amazing week.  I really turned on the afterburners this week.  I'm so focused on improving my muscle conditioning and overall coordination. I had my best Metabolic Conditioning class where I did the following:
  • 72 squats
  • 66 hand release push ups
  • 48 walking lunges
  • 48 burpees
  • 10 swings with a 70 lb kettlebell
Yep, a 70 pound kettlebell. I couldn't believe either.  I followed that up on Wednesday with my new level two Kettlebell class. I did a lot of work with the 50 pound kettlebell - squats, walking figure 8's, jump swings, and two-handed swings.  Let me tell you... I was killing it, and feeling great.  This was by far the best workout week I've ever had.  I really felt like I made a breakthrough, and my body is ready for more challenging exercises.

So back to Saturday morning.  Weigh in time!  And guess what I saw... Absolutely nothing.
So, this was my shocked face?
NOPE.  Not even. 
Now, I'll admit a month ago, I would have been devastated that I put in all that hard work, and had absolutely nothing to show for it.  I've even has posts before where I struggled getting my brain to understand that the scale is NOT the ultimate measure.  It's easier said that done.  We are trained as a nation to LIVE AND DIE by what that number says.  I even track my weight on a weekly basis and have it available for the whole world to see.  But on Saturday, all I did was shrug, put on my workout clothes, and continued with my routine... this time it was Kettlebells and 47 minutes of Zumba.
Why the change?  Well, even if the scale didn't move, my belt did.  My stomach did.  My arms did.  I know I'm gaining muscle because I can see it in the mirror.  There are some amazing changes happening inside of me - I'm trading fat for lean muscle.  I weigh the same, but I sure don't look the same.  It's amazing when you can physically see a difference in yourself...and the scale didn't move a tenth of a pound.
So, what's the lesson here?  It's a true test of mental strength and determination.  Many people become discouraged when the scale stops moving.  They, in turn, stop moving as well.  Give up.  I feel completely different.  This is my TEST.  Will I give up or keep moving, keep swinging those kettlebells, keep running faster and longer?  I'm not giving up.  I feel more inspired, confident, and determined than ever.  I won't let the scale rule me.  I RULE THE SCALE.
To all my followers and Keep Calm Facebookers, We B. Doin It!  We will do this together! 
Lastly, there won't be an update this weekend, but look for a very interesting post on 1/26/2013...