Saturday, July 7, 2012

Make Time...

Happy Saturday readers.  Another week has come and gone, and it was a SCORCHER!   It's been hotter than Satan's asscrack!  I hope you all had a nice Independence Day.  It's strange when a holiday falls in the middle of the week.  It makes you feel like the weekend came too early...and then you have to go back to work.  BLAH!

Anyway, I had a productive week.  I only worked Monday and Tuesday this week.  And, sadly, Tuesday was the last day my workplace gym was open for the next TWO weeks.  Some renovations are scheduled, and it will not open back up until July 23.  I am really going to miss it, and when I first heard about the closing, I was quite apprehensive.  I've been doing so well, and my workouts have become a vital part of my day.  What would I do?

Luckily, the other work campus also has a gym less than 5 miles away from my location.  At first, I thought I'd be able to "hotel" at the other campus so I can use the gym facilities without changing my schedule.  Unfortunately, that did not work out.  So, instead, I'm going to change my work schedule for the next two weeks and "make the time" to go.  I reviewed my calendar for the next two weeks, and blocked off time for my workouts.  I'll extend my workdays and increase my hours if needed. 

I guess some folks may call me a crazy, deranged workout fanatic because of my need to find time to work out.  I mean...I did wake up at 4 am to get Zumba one morning a few weeks ago, and I will be doing that again this week because of work obligations.  But, I don't see it that way.  

I see it as a necessity.  To me, it's like breathing and eating.  If I'm going to reach my goals to become a healthy human being, I need to be a work out fanatic. I need to meticulously count my calories.  And I need to maintain this intensity for the rest of my life.   

And it may seem easy, and some days it is...and some days, it's a real chore.  I just keep thinking of where I was 5 months ago when I was 70 pounds heavier.  I would literally hold my pee all day because I couldn't face leaving my seat to walk to the restroom.  I'd drive around constantly until the closest parking spot opened so I wouldn't have to walk.  If you're wondering why I'm a workout Nazi...that's why.  That's why I must make time.

And making time nets great results.  I'm wearing my last two pairs of jeans that fit when I lost the weight a few years ago.  My "skinny" jeans that were in the back of my closet are now too big to wear.  I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday from a distance and had to do a double-take.  I don't even look like myself.  I see a new me.  A workout fanatic!  And I love it! me a fanatic all you want.  I'm going to Shake to Zumba, rock those kettlebells, run a 10K, and kick ass!  Watch me!  And if you want the same results, make it happen.  Make the time!