Saturday, October 27, 2012

Too Much? Or Just Right?

Hey everyone!  It's it a cold and rainy day in NE Ohio.  I guess we'll be getting a bit of Hurricane Sandy early next week.  I hope it isn't too bad.  It's definitely putting a damper on any outdoor activities.  This is when I'm happy I have a gym membership because weather will never be a factor in my workout.  Plus, I'm a creature of habit, and I like to plan ahead and get my workout done ASAP - which means the earlier the better.  I usually hit the gym around 10:30 am.  However, this quarter I do have three afternoon classes.  It hasn't present any problems because I enjoy classes very much.  I like working out with others because it keeps me motivated to move my ass and not slack off.  Sixty minutes or more at least 6 days a week.  So what does my workout schedule look like?  Many have asked what I've been up too, so I'll tell you what I did this past week.
  • Sunday - Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Work Out #2 (20 min) and Zumba Wii (51 min)
  • Monday - Elliptical Warm Up (22 min) and Kick 45 class (kickboxing aerobics 45 min)
  • Tuesday - Elliptical Warm Up (30 min) and Metabolic Conditioning (or Baby Cross Fit 30 min)
  • Wednesday - Kettlebell Class (45 min) and Elliptical (30 min)
  • Thursday - Elliptical Warm Up (24 min) and Zumba (45 min)
  • Friday - Day Off (Thank GOD!!)
  • Saturday - Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Work Out #2 (20 min)
Yeah, that's what it looks like.  Some people say that's way too much.  I don't think so.  Folks need to realize that I have to lose a hellacious amount of weight.  I'm not like that crazy looking chick on that Nutri-System commerical that scares the hell out of me every time she starts her spastic salsa routine (if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about.  That chicks is spooky and awkward!).  I need to loose close to 200 pounds...not 40.  And, in order to lose that much, you got to put in a lot work. That means I attempt to get in 60 minutes of intense exercise each day.  I like to have a good sweat going before I enter my exercise classes -hence the elliptical pre-work.  I seek out classes that are challenging and keep my heart rate elevated.  I'm looking for maximum calorie burn and hard muscle work.  It's required in order to get the results I need.
So, it's true that this may be too much for that crazy lady on Nutri-System.  But, not for me.  It works.  And, it also hurts.  I do take a day off here and there, and have light days (take Friday and today for an example).  Rest is required in order for me to keep going, and keep my body and joints healthy.  When my hip hurts, I cut the running out.  When my knee aches, I take a day off or do light work.  But, I keep moving, and I keep motivated.  I listen to my music on my new buddy. It's nice being able to move my arms not having to worry about getting my arms tangled in my headphone cords or my iPhone falling off the elliptical (Otterboxes work wonders).  Keeping your arms moving on the elliptical builds core stability.  Music keeps me moving, and my exercise playlist rocks.  Thanks to all who have contributed to it.  Feel free to keep sending me your favorite songs.  I love discovering and adding new music that keeps my hype.
So, to answer the question... Too Much?  Hell no, I'd say it's just right.