Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Happy Fall Everyone!  I have to admit I'm supercharged this morning, and there are several reasons why.  First, we are entering my favorite season of the year. I love Fall.  I love the colors.  My favorite holidays are in fall (Halloween and Thanksgiving).  I love the cool temperatures and the clothes.  I love all the fun activities.  Fall is just a time for getting comfy.  To celebrate fall, I've decided to have a spot of tea while writing the blog.  I'm all in the spirit today.  Got London on the mind hence the tea.  It's not Earl Grey or Twinnings, but it'll do.

As for the other reason... I've hit a rather important milestone today.  It's been on my heals teasing me for well over a month, and we've been dancing around each other like we're partners in the Tango.  Well, I finally tackled it this week, and believe me, it was a pain-infested, brutal, no-holds bared battle to the finish, and I won!  That's right.  100.4 POUNDS DOWN!  GONE!  VANISHED!

It wasn't easy either.  I started the week off good, but on Tuesday I got a pneumonia shot when I went for a check up with my doctor (more on that visit later).  It's a muscle shot so I got it in my right arm.  It didn't hurt.  No big deal.  Well, that same day I went to Dick's Sporting Goods to buy a 20 lb Kettlebell.  I need to increase the weight because some of my workouts that work big muscle groups were getting too easy.  I needed to step it up.

That evening I did Jillian's Kettlebells, and I started her 30 day Shed video.  Could finish it. HOLEY COW!  Those two workouts will never be combined.  I was tired and sore.  My right arm was aching.  The next morning, I'm stiff. My right arm is throbbing, and I don't know if I'm going to be able to workout.  I decided to hit the elliptical since it would leave my arm alone.  I'm a bit sad about skipping Metabolic Conditioning...until my two great friends come in the gym while I've been on the elliptical for almost 30 minutes.  So, I take a quick mental body check.  I'm feeling warmed up.  I can move my arm.  Let's do this.

And I did.  Metabolic Condition in like a cross fit class.  Google Cross Fit if you're curious.  I did four circuits of 15 lunges with a weighted bar, 30 Kettlebell swings (she ended up giving me a 30 lb Kettlebell), and 15 jumps on a riser (think step aerobics).  Ended the day with slight fever and body aches. 

It took all week for my arm to get back to normal.  I still worked out...just no weights.  Stiff muscles in my neck and shoulders were pretty intense.  But I muddled through.

So, how do I feel this week?  Well, my moodie for the week should explain it.  I'm ecstatic.  I feel accomplished.  I feel ready to tackle the next 100 (maybe...we'll see).  I feel I've got a really good handle on my eating habits.  I notice that when I go out for meals, I make really conscious choices.  I into consideration my portion sizes.  I split my meals in half.  I offer to share with others.  For example, my family went for Chinese last night for dinner, and I had a great time.  I had General Chicken but I decided to go with brown rice instead of fried or white rice.  I left the soy sauce alone and avoided the extra sauce that was on the chicken.  I still enjoyed it, but I knew that the decisions I made were good ones.  I've come a long way.

So, what's next?  Keeping Calm...Moving On sums it up.  I'm over my mid-way point.  I have 85 pounds to go to reach 160, and I still work on getting rid of the meds.  My doc says I'm doing great.  I'm doing so well that I don't have to see him until next year in March (SIX MONTHS!).  At that appointment, I'll talk to him about what can be done to get rid of these meds.  To me, that seems to be the more challenging task...especially the blood pressure pill and diabetes med.  But I'm determined.  I don't want to take any medicine.  I want to be able to manage my health with diet and exercise.

Now for some FUN!  I have decided to reward myself for this achievement... AND it's not Tiffany related (SHOCKER!)  What is it?  Stay tuned.  I'm keeping this one to myself because most won't understand or will probably think it's stupid.  I could care less.  I've coveted this item for a very long time, and I decided to reward myself.  When it arrives, I'll post it.  I like being mysterious.

Some more FUN... One of my very dear friends and supporters challenged me to lose 100 pounds by October 9th this past Monday.  She said that she'd wear one of my blog t-shirts twice a week for a month if I did.  G, get online and order that tee.  :)  I hope it doesn't get too stinky!

Before I sign off on this epic post, I want to thank all of you...all of my family, friends, and readers who I don't know.  I appreciate all of your kind words and thoughts.  You help me stay focused.  You keep my eye on the big prize... a better quality of LIFE.  That's the ultimate goal.  A better life for me and all of my loved ones.  Thank you from the bottom of my healthier heart (see... he's jumping!) and I feel good cause I Got (All of) You!