Sunday, May 6, 2012

Murphy's BLOWS!

Every heard of Murphy's Law?  I'm sure most of you have, and for those of you that haven't, Wikipedia explains Murphy's Law as "an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: 'Anything that can go wrong will go wrong'."  My dad always talks about Murphy's Law.  He reminds me to have a Plan B just in case what you have planned doesn't work out. He's a very smart man.

Well, why am I talking about Murphy's Law?  I swear once D.T. heard that I was working to get under 300 pounds before my vacation, he called up his cousin Murphy, and they both did a number on my ass!  It's totally bizarre...but true.  And, I feel it's a complete mental mind fuck.  Although I give my mental detractor a name (D.T and now he has a side-kick Murphy), I know that I only have the control to kick them out and move on.

So, why did D.T. and Murhpy show up?  I really think I opened a can of worms by taking a day off last Saturday (hence the moodie pic).  I know...I know!  It's good to take a day off every now and then.  And, I need to learn to accept that day off as the treat it is instead of feeling guilty.  Because every time I decide to take a day, the following week is SHIT-tastic!
  • Sunday wasn't too bad.  I decided to do a different Zumba routing at home.  I really didn't like it, but got through it.
  • On Monday, I didn't feel like running.  I had such a great week prior that I was afraid I was going to suck so I did the Elliptical instead.  It was a good work out.
  • Tuesday was HORRIBLE!  I decided to do interval on the treadmill, but I went near lunch time.  BIG MISTAKE!  I was completely distracted.  There was a wait for the machines since everyone works out at lunch...and everybody wanted one, and although I did get a machine without waiting, it died on me 15 minutes in, and I had to finish on another...and everyone was waiting.  SO NOT FEELING IT!  I didn't finish. 
  • Wednesday was the elliptical again, and I wasn't feeling it.  HARD ASS workout.  I finished...barely.
  • THURSDAY saved me.  It was Zumba day, and it was tough.
Now, by time Friday morning rolled around, I was still the same weight as I was on Saturday so I gave up on the idea that I'd get under 300 this week...

Funny thing that Zumba... On Friday, I did my favorite routine and washed my car afterwards.  High activity day.

So, Saturday rolls around.  I get up early because I was participating in the Cleveland Diversity Walk and had to be downtown at 8:00 am.  I get on the scale because I must report my weight today for all my lovely readers.  And...what did I see??????

What the FUCK, folks??  I mean, really!  Seriously!  299.4 lbs?  What the heck happened between Friday morning and Saturday morning that made me lose 2 pounds?  What was so different between what I did all week, and what I did on Friday?  Of course, I laughed because I know I did it to myself.  I really believe that I mentally sabotaged myself this week.  As soon as I'm like "FUCK IT!  I'm over it and moving on.", my body says, "Ok...let's give her a boost."  So, thank you body, you crazed she-demon from hell.  I'm dedicating this song to you because you sure like to Doowutchalike

I do love these crazy weeks!  I'm off on vacation this coming weekend so although I'll be able to update my weight, I won't have time for a blog entry, and I'm not dragging my laptop on vacation.  Wish me luck!! 

I also need to post new pictures since I'm down another 15 lbs!  I'll get to it this week before I leave.

**Special Note** Congratulations to my Sister from another Mister, DesigningLC!  She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl today.  Sending blessings and love to her, her husband and Sofia! 
She's a healthy 8 lbs 10 oz!!