Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm Full of Bright Ideas!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  We have lovely weather here in Northeast Ohio, and I'm definitely going to take advantage of it.  My mom was sweet enough to accompany me on a 6 mile walk yesterday morning, and it was fantastic.  Usually, when I walk with someone, they have to walk to my slower pace or I'm constantly training to catch up to them.  In this case, my mom was trying to keep up with me.  She said that she hasn't run after me like that since I was a little kid running in the grocery and department stores.  We both laughed at that.  It really made me feel good. 

So, why did I decide to walk 6 miles yesterday?  Well, I wanted to see how my body felt and I wanted to do it under two hours...which I did.  I finished in 57 minutes.  I also chose that distance because I was inspired by some of my friends/co-workers.  The Cleveland Marathon was a week ago today, and my junior Zen Master ran a half marathon.  I was very anxious to see how she did, and when she texted me last Sunday telling me that she finished and her time, I was so proud of her!  She said, "Next year, you're running with me."

Now, I'm thinking...No way, Jose!  I can't run a half marathon. At least, not next year.  I'd like to run one eventually.  It's on my Bucket List.  She suggested I check out the website for next year's race to see what type of runs were available, and I saw a 10K run was available.  10K = 6.2 miles, and you can either run or walk.  Now, I know I can walk 10K...but can I run a 10K within a year?

HELL YEAH I CAN!  And I signed up for that bad boy!  I entered by first run!  I'm excited and nervous at the same time.  I know I can do this.  I have a whole year to train and get my weight down and endurance up.  If I can walk 10K in less than two hours, then I know I can finish 10K in 90 minutes or less a year from now.

I feel so much more confident and capable, and I'm full of energy.  As a matter of fact, when I was unpacking from my vacation last week, I decided to get ride some of my clothes that were too big.  I didn't store them in a crate, I donated them to charity.  They are gone!  I do not want them here as a crutch.  I don't want to go back to that, and I know you will be there to make sure that I don't.  Remember, you guys have those permission to whoop my ass cards, so use them if I start acting all crazy.

I'm inspired beyond belief, and I know I have the faith and the Power to keep going.  As long as I have God on my side, and all of you cheering me on, I'll keep calm...and MOVE ON!