Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Body Playin' Tricks On Me!

Wow!  As you can tell by my moodie and the title of this post, I had one hell of a week.  It's been a tough few weeks lately, and I am definitely proud about how I've handled the curve balls that flew at my head.  Actually, I had some fast balls the nailed me right in the face.  And they were all thrown by D.T. who hasn't let up on me at all.  He keeps telling me to stop, and I keep P.U.S.Hing on.  I give him the boot, and he gets a second wind and comes stomping back to discourage me.

This week, Doubting Thomas tried another tactic. Instead of attacking my mind, he worked on by body.  He started on Sunday.  He knew I decided to take a very rare day off on Saturday so he saw a window of opportunity.  I swear he jumped on my back making my Zumba workout extra tough.  On Monday, he tripped me up on my interval training on the treadmill.  Asshole!  I was huffin' and puffin' trying to increase my distance to 3.4 miles and only made it 3.3.  He stood there smirking at me. 

Tuesday - I hit the elliptical hard and told him to bugger off.  I was able to boot him pretty good, and had my best elliptical workout to date.  I figured I hit my stride so Wednesday will be great, right?  Right???  WRONG!!

What a jerk!  I can't
stand you!
Wednesday would be the date that I hit 3.4 miles for sure.  I was lucky to get 3.25.  D.T. laughed at me the whole hour I was on that treadmill.  At the 30 minute mark, I almost stopped the treadmill and joined him in ridiculing me.  He was doing such a good job at it, maybe he'd like some company.  But...somehow I found the strength to pull it out.  He just stood there grinning at me...BASTARD!  ----->

Thursday....Thursday was just BLAH!  I swear he was jabbing me in my thighs with a hot poker.  My legs were like jelly.  My calves...burning.  I barely finished the elliptical.  No Zumba on Thursday this week due to work commitments.  I was just happy to get my 65 minutes in. 

I struggled all week, and I did weigh myself periodically because I felt so out of wack and could get in my groove.  I felt slugglish...heavy....bloated.  I even gained two pounds during the week.  I didn't even freak out about it.  I knew the inevitable had first gain. I was cool with it though, and I'm being totally honest.  I was just proud that I kept eating right and stayed with my workouts.

Funny thing...on Friday, I did my Zumba workout on the Wii.  Saturday, I did the elliptical at home.  These workouts were much better.  And, my weigh in on Saturday...2.8 pounds down.  W.T.F?!?!  My body is crazy.  And it sure know what happened on Saturday ladies...let's just say the bloating and sluggish feeling was totally explained.

So, my body behaves crazily during that time...similar to a lot of women.  D.T. will be trying to derail me this week, but I won't let him.  I'm going to hit that 3.4 mile mark.  It may not be this week, but it will come.  I don't need to change to a (The) New Workout Plan.  I'm doing just fine...FUCK you very much, D.T.!

P.S. - Blood pressure is down quite a bit to 118/74...that's even better than the norm.  And...I hit the 10% mark in weight lost.  D.T.'s was foiled again!