Sunday, February 26, 2012

Let Me Introduce You...

Week #4 has come and gone.  One month into my quest for better health and a better quality of life, and I already feel different.  I definitely have more energy.  I have a pep in my step - where before I used to dread leaving my desk to go to the bathroom or even warm up my lunch.  Let me tell you I used to find reasons not to move before.  It's amazing what a little exercise will do your body mentally and physically.

Week #4 also find me down two more pounds for a total weight loss of 13 LBS. IN FOUR WEEKS!  That's pretty awesome, so right now I'm mentally patting myself on my back.  I feel quite good about what I've been able to do so far.  I've been able to go out to eat and make some good choices, and some not so good choices.  For example, I ate at Red Robin twice in a weeks period.  That's not the best decision I ever made, but I made sure that if I ate a cheeseburger and steak fries, I was going to earn them.  And since I was able to lose weight while doing that, I will make sure that I do that in the future if I want to go out and have french fries.  Suggestion:  If you like eating out and are concerned about nutrition content, check the restaurant websites.  Most have great nutrition calculators where you can customize your meal and be able to eat items and still hit your nutrition goals for the day.  Panera and Red Robin have awesome ones just to name a few. 

Like I said before, I'm not going to deprive myself like I did last time.  I'm just watching my portions.  For example, on Friday I really wanted a Cinnamon Roll from Panera.  Before, I used to buy these devilish confectioneries two at a time, and if you mutliply the nutrition content x 2, I was slowly putting myself in a sugar coma - and for a person with Type 2 diabetes, that's like death by cinnamon roll.  1,260 calories!  GAH!!

Now, on Friday what I did after eating a deliciously healthy dinner prepared by lovely sister (thanks sis!), I had 1/2 cinnamon and ate it very slowly.  YUMMMMM, and it was only 315 calories.  I also worked my ass off jumping around to Zumba earlier that day and burned over 1,000 calories so I enjoyed that roll.  And, I'm going to enjoy the other half after dinner today.  Again, after jumping my ass around to Zumba this morning.

I better enjoy these "treats", and I know I won't be losing weight at this pace forever.  The more I weigh, the more calories I burn.  As the weight falls, so does the calorie burn. It will taper down eventually, and I won't be able to eat a whole burger, but I can still have half.  I will do everything in my power to keep my metabolism roaring like a machine!  If you want to lose weight, you gotta eat.  So, I'm making sure I eat healthy, and have a burger and fries every now and then. 

Speaking of "treats" - a real treat isn't a cinnamon roll.  It's taking the elevator on Thursday after I finished the hardest workout I've had that week, and my legs felt like jello.  That's better than food any day!

Hi!  I'm looking for trouble!
Anyway, on to fun stuff.  I want to introduce you to my hater...that lil' dude that sits on my shoulder all day telling me I'm tired and can step off the elliptical or leave Zumba after 30 or so minutes.  He's a cute lil' fucker, but a real pain in the ass.  Everybody say "Hi" to Doubting Thomas or Douchebag T. I call him D.T. for short.

If any of you following Sonic the Hedgehog, he may look familiar to you.  My niece was drawing some Sonic the pics the other day, and I say her drawing him.  I thought he looked cute and menacing at the same time...which is how I envision D.T. so there he is in all his hateful glory.  I just love giving him the boot.

D.T. didn't show up that much this week.  I don't know if that's because I'm pretty much set a schedule for myself or what.  I know he'll be around soon.  And, I'll give him the boot usual.  He is cute tho...only my D.T. would be cute.  After I boot him, I pat him on his head so he knows there are no hard feelings.  He just won't get the better of me.  Like Ellen says, "Let your haters be your motivators."  Hate On Me, D.T.  Hate on!
Sorry, D.T.  Try again next week.  You get the boot!

P.S. - As I mentioned before, I'm a numbers girl, and I love data.  I also love getting data from my workouts to let me know how well I'm doing.  I invested in a heart rate monitor to make sure I'm not working out to hard.  I used it today while doing Zumba on the Wii, and it said I burned 1,725 calories.  I don't know if that's true or not.  I'll let you know next week what I think of that.  It's possible...since a person of normal weight burns about 1,000 calories during Zumba.  We'll see.

P.P.S - If you are looking for a good app to help you keep track of what you are eating, drinking, and exercise, check out the Livestrong app.  Awesome stuff!  It's also a great website.