Sunday, November 18, 2012

Doing Better All By Myself

Good afternoon everyone.  I hope you are having a nice weekend so far.  Mine has been spectacular.  It's just been a fantastic week all the way around.  After the "Great Halloween Debacle," it felt good to get back on track.  This week was pretty much smooth sailing.  I attended all of my regular fitness classes.  I feel myself getting stronger each week.  I'm able to do a few full body push ups now.  My planking is just incredible.  I'm pleased with my progress this week, and of course, it paid off with a nice loss.  I am still on track to hit 220.2 by 12/31.  If I can keep pace with a two pound loss over the next six weeks, I'll reach it.  Now, more than ever, it's important to maintain focus...especially considering what's approaching this week.
Yep... it's Thanksgiving week, and to be honest, I'm not dreading it like I thought I would.  We're going the non-traditional route this year.  Wednesday will be a turkey dinner.  Thursday will be a fish fry at my cousin's house.  I plan on working out every single day this week including Thanksgiving day.  Unfortunately, I'm losing a day at the gym and our kettlebell class was not scheduled for this week.  No worries there since I just did an awesome kettlebell workout today all by myself.  I followed the same format as we do in class. 50 second intervals.  10 second rest.  I did this for 30 minutes or so.  I also included some ab work as well.  I finished up with Zumba Core on the Wii.  I got a great sweat, and proved to myself that I can do my own kettlebell class by myself.  I'll follow this same route on Thanksgiving.  It will give me some breathing room for dessert.
I really do feel the "Great Halloween Debacle" did something for me.  It's making me not as anxious to treat myself every now and then.  Before, I would worry about what my treats would do to my weight loss.  Would it derail me?  Not at all.  I've been eating sweets here and there.  I had a piece of cake with dinner last night. I tell you, exercising everyday really does pay off.  Make it a habit.  Once it's ingrained in your routine, it's hard to get off track.
And if I compare how I'm doing now to how I did on that low carb diet, I'm doing much better.  I may be able to get to 120 pounds lost by the end of 2012, and that's not even my one year anniversary.  I'm knocking on the door of heading into uncharted territory.  My lowest adult weight was 229.  I'm getting very close to that now, and I accomplished that without restricting carbs or driving myself insane.  Yes, folks, it can be done.  Carbs are not the enemy.  Each time I get on that scale and see another pound down, I feel like I'm giving the middle finger to all those doubter and nay-sayers who said it can't be done without some type of restriction to carbs.  Don't get Caught Up in all that "low carb is the enemy" nonsense.  It's all hype.  And it doesn't work.  I'm living proof.  I'm doing better all by myself.
P.S. - Blogger was acting weird last week and would let me post any pictures.  I added them this week so check out the Photo Album page for some updates.  Scroll to the bottom for the new additions.