Saturday, June 23, 2012

Phase Two Commences...

Good evening readers!  I hope everyone had a good week.  Mine was pretty good.  Work was pretty crazy so that kept me really busy, but I like it that way.  Keeps my hands busy, and busy hands are a hell of a lot better than idle ones.

I also had time to reflect back on Phase One.  I feel that it moved pretty smooth, and I didn't have too many hick ups, and not one derailment (THANK GOODNESS!)  I am entering Phase Two with the same attitude.  My workouts have become part of my life.  As a matter of fact, I work up this past Thursday at 4 AM just to get my workout in.  I had a training class at work, and I knew I wouldn't be able to attend my Zumba class, and I couldn't workout after work due to plans.  So, instead of not working out, I woke up really early and had a fantastic Wii Zumba session. It may sound crazy, but I'm so happy that I did it.  I was alert all day and of course I had a great night sleep.  I was determined that I was going to start Phase Two on the right foot.  I will make time for my's a necessity. 

As a follow up to my doctor's appointment from last week, this past Tuesday I had to get blood work done.  My doctor ordered blood sugar and lipid tests so I'm hoping to have the results some time next week.  Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that we see a drop in my blood sugar and an increase in my good cholesterol.  My biometric screening is coming up in August, and I want to go in there with great numbers so I can get a good discount on my health insurance.

I'm always a bit tense when it comes to getting my blood drawn because people have a difficult time getting blood from me.  My veins are deep set and if you add being obese, it makes it very difficult to find a vein.  It was so bad once that this lady stuck me TEN times!  On another occasion, I had to keep coming back to see if anyone could get it from me, and nothing worked.  It was becoming a chore just to get blood work so I started ignoring my appointments.  Ever since I've changed doctors, I haven't had any problems.  I also think loosing 60 pounds helps. :)

My Saturday intervals are going well.  Today I completed 5K in 53 minutes.  Right now I'm working on cutting my time each week.  I'm starting with a 4 mile distance.  When I can get 4 miles under an hour, I'm going to start to extend it to 5 and then 6 miles.  On my Monday treadmill runs, I'm at 3.75 mi/hr, but running outside is so different, and I'm much slower.  But, each week I get faster as I get lighter.  Phil Collins helped me cross the finish line today and beat last week's time by one minute.  I tell you, when he hits that drum breakdown, I just pushed myself.  I love that!!  I'd love it if you guys would share your Power Songs with me.  I need some new additions to my work out list!  Please share!  Thanks for reading....I'll see you next week.