Saturday, June 2, 2012

Knowledge is Most Certainly Powerful

Happy Saturday Readers!  I started off my Saturday with a very long and vigorous 6.5 mile walk.  I'm working on getting my time down for that 10K next year so I've pledged to walk and eventually walk/run every Saturday on the The Western Reserve Greenway Trail in Ashtabula.  It's a very lovely trail and a peaceful walk.  I never considered myself much of a walker, but if you have the right tunes and scenery, it's an amazing form of exercise.  My mom and niece joined me today so it was nice to have them...and I smoked them both.  That felt pretty good since my niece is 15 and very healthy.  HAHA!

I had a couple of good weeks since I've been back from vacation.  I have tweaked my LiveStrong App and increased my daily calorie intake.  I'm glad I did that because I'm really increasing my exercise intensity, and I will need more energy to make sure I can continue to lose weight and be healthy.  I'm not one to starve myself either since that does no good.  I've increased my caloric intake by 400 calories, and as I continue to lose weight and increase exercise intensity, I'll revisit my calorie intake.  I'm also going to talk with my doctor when I see him in the next two weeks to make sure I'm eating enough.  I want to do the right way so I'm going to keep him and my Nurse Practitioner in the loop.  I also have fasting labs coming up.  With these, I'll get a blood sugar check which I'm pretty excited about.  I hope my A1c has dropped.  I'm sure it has...just curious to how much.

Last weekend, I came across a HBO documentary that I had heard about, but I didn't have a chance to catch it.  It was on repeat during the Memorial Day weekend so I decided to check it out.  And, I must say, it was the most informative few hours of TV that I've watched...ever.  I highly suggest you check out Weight of the Nation.  It really goes in great detail about how obesity is affecting our nation.  Many American are interviewed about how diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart health has impacted their lives.  Many obese people share their stories of how they have gained/loss weight and how being obese has impacted their lives.  I saw myself in so many of these people. I've thought the same things and experienced the same things - both good and bad.

Something else they covered that I didn't think a whole lot about...drinking calories.  One woman stated she drank almost 2,000 calories a day!!  2,000 CALORIES!  I remember when I used to drink...or guzzle...Kool Aid. I used to drink it all the time as a kid and even as a young adult in college.  Soda and juice...are basically the same things with the same amount of sugar.  Wow!  It even went into detail about how the government subsidy program works for soybeans and corn (hence high fructose corn syrup), but there are NO subsidy programs for produce farmers.  It also described how difficult it is to get good, fresh produce to inner city markets...where a large number of obese Americans live.  I don't think many of us know this information so I hope you do take a look at what obesity is doing to our country and our children.  Let's make a pledge to do something about matter how small it is.  I remember one woman who was interviewed that lost weight and keep it off.  She said, I'm just a woman who has done a number of small little things that have added up to something extraordinary.  I hope we all aspire to do small things that add up to extraordinary results.  Then, we'll all be Right As Rain.

Other websites that you may want to check out.  The more you know...and all that jazz.
My heart is happy!