Monday, January 30, 2012

Light Bulb!

Today I thought about epiphanies.  You know, those fantastic "light bulb" moments of absolute brilliance that come along a few times in your lifetime...or at least in my lifetime.  Why all of a sudden am I ready to lose weight, and why did it take so long to make that decision?  To be honest, I don't think I can really answer that question.

It came to me when I really wasn't thinking about it.  It was this past Friday after I finished working.  It was like a flash.  I suddenly got all of these ideas as to what I can do lose this weight...permanently.  And, all those ideas revolved around honesty. 

I was honest with myself about why I was obese.  Why I wasn't exercising.  Why I wasn't really living up to my full potential.  Then, I guess I said to myself I'm going to do it, and do it right now.  So, I exercised on Saturday and Sunday with surprising endurance.  I walked today with no problems.  Now, I'm thinking "WHAT THE FUCK!"  Have I really been sitting on my ass all this time for no reason?  And honestly, yes I have.

Light bulbs are great.  They provide true clarity where suddenly I can see everything.  I can see myself obtaining my goals.  I see myself living a healthy life.  I see myself supporting my family and friends in their endeavors to improve their quality of life.  I can see myself 20 years down the road.  It's a blessing.

Now, of course I doubted myself too.  You know, we all have that "Doubting Thomas" that prods us on the shoulder.  Mine was saying, " won't do this for long.  Don't you want something to eat?  Aren't you tired?  Who gives a shit?"  But, to be honest, he wasn't there for long, because I answered him honestly by saying, "Yes, I am going to do this. I'm changing my life.  No, I'm not hungry. I'm not tired. Now, bounce."  And, I'm going to keep doing that when that asshole shows up.

Lastly, thanks for reading.  Feel free to comment.  My shout out for this entry is dedicated to Justin Timberlake and his fuckawesome song, "Lovestoned."  I love ending workouts on a super-long song with a slow down at the end that helped me walk up two flights of stairs.  Check it out.

LoveStoned by Justin Timberlake