Weight Loss Chart

Update 7/24/2017 - I figured I'd start fresh and give you some background information if you are new to the blog.

  • My heaviest recorded weight (HW) was 361 pounds and that was around 2006.
  • My lowest adult weight was 211 pounds and that was around May 2013.
  • My recent high weight was 335 pounds in July 2016.
  • My weight at my first surgeon appointment for weight loss surgery was 313 pounds in Jan 2017.
  • My weight day of surgery (SW) was 278.6. So, I was doing quite a bit of work between July 2016 - July 2017... 56.4 pounds worth of work!
  • CW = Current weight
  • Goal Weight (GW) remains 160 pounds.
  • Click the link below to see progress! 😊
Weight Loss Chart